The future of the restorative dentistry market looks bright as a recent study from Grand View Research predicts a steady growth rate in the industry through 2025.

An article from Dentistry Today states: “The global restorative dentistry market will reach $25.9 billion by 2025, growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.7%, according to Grand View Research. The market analyst company attributes this growth to the rising number of group and corporate dental practices, emerging digital dentistry technologies, innovations in materials, the increasing demand for cosmetic dentistry and implants, and the advent of dental tourism.”

Grand View Research reports that, “dental practices and student enrollment in dental courses is witnessing a growing trend and this is likely to continue over the course of the forecast period. Moreover, dental practices are moving from individual practices to group, multi-unit, and corporate dental practices, a trend that has been observed of late. These practices are focused on providing high-efficiency and quality care to patients, a factor that is likely to boost the restorative dentistry market.”

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Restorative Dentistry Market Analysis by Grand View Research

Grand View continued saying, “key players in the restorative dentistry market have also focussed on launching innovative products to gain a competitive edge. Launch of new restorative materials and advanced restorative equipment into the market to cater to growing patient demand is expected to have a high impact on market growth.”

We’re all very eager to see the where our industry heads in the future.