Not All Zirconia is Created Equal

The old adage reads price, quality, speed… pick any two. As with every new product that comes to market, there is always someone trying to make it faster and cheaper, because speed and price are major influencers in our buying habits. But most of the time, when chasing after the quickest and cheapest deal, the quality suffers.

Zirconia manufacturers have found shortcuts to cut the processing time, and some add fillers to lower costs. But these practices add to the risk of failure due to fracture.

To further reduce cost and time, laboratories committed to lower prices spray glaze the surface to deliver finished restorations quicker and cheaper. The trade-off is quality. Spray glaze wears over time, potentially abrading opposing dentition. These time and cost cutters make choosing the right material for your patient confusing… and critical.

Zirconia Processing Matters

At Champlain Dental Laboratory, we are committed to creating crowns for the long term. We use zirconia that is processed by manufacturers we trust. We hand polish every zirconia crown instead of spraying glaze, so the occlusal surface remains smooth.

Finally, properly designing the crowns is critical to long-term success. Mills are capable of milling most designs, including bevels, but should we? It is shown for the long term, zirconia needs a .4 thickness at the margin for long-term success [1].

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[1] Effect of preparation angles on the precision of zirconia crown copings fabricated by CAD/CAM system, Beuer F1Edelhoff DGernet WNaumann M.

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