Head to our lab on Thursday, May 10th for a lecture/participation presentation on the latest technical advances in the field. Registration and dinner begin at 6:00pm and the program will run from 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm. Read below for more information and register here.


Digital dentistry is changing the way general dentists, surgeons, and laboratory technicians interact with one another and plan treatment. Incorporation of CAD/CAM technology for restorative solutions can help deliver natural-looking, esthetic results for patients. Connectivity between current CAD/CAM scanners and intra-oral scanners allows the restorative doctor to take a digital impression, make any occlusal modifications chairside, and send the file to the laboratory to design the restoration.

This program will review recent advances in digital technology; the increasing importance of the partnership between the dentist and the lab; the differences between various materials used for copings and abutments; surgical planning software for implant placement and restoration; and the many benefits available to the treatment team when using digital dentistry solutions.


• Recognize how to incorporate recent technological advances as part of the treatment plan

• Understand how digital impressions can help create an accurate final restoration

• Understand the materials and processes available for CAD/CAM restorations

• Identify cases where guided surgery planning would be helpful for implant placement

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