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What happens when I come to the lab for a shade?2018-01-30T20:17:10-05:00

Your dentist may tell you they want you to come to our lab for a shade. You may be curious as to what to expect.

The reason your dentist is recommending you come to the lab is because we will be making your new tooth, called a crown, and we have over 100 shade guides to help find the right color to match your existing teeth. It is also a great time to learn more about you and your expectations for your new tooth.

When you get to the lab, you will be greeted and led in to our special shade room. What makes it special is it is designed solely for taking shades. Everything from the color corrected lights to the wall color has been carefully chosen so we can clearly see the color of your teeth.

A technician will use a combination of shade guides to match your tooth color. When using the guides, we are looking at hue, value and chroma, all three are important parts to getting your new tooth to match. We will then generate a formula specific to you, and take some photos so we can create your crown. The shade taking process takes about 15 to 20 minutes and involves no pain.

Once we make your crown, we would love to see you one more time before you see your dentist again. We will double check the shade of the crown we made for you and add any special touches needed to be sure your crown matches. No one can beat Mother Nature, but taking your shade at the lab helps us come close.

Are Doctors Still Prescribing PFM’s?2017-06-06T14:37:51-04:00

There have been rumors that the PFM (porcelain fused to metal) is dead. It is true that the number of PFMs prescribed has dropped and some labs have stopped offering them due to labor costs. But the fact is, the PFM is still a reliable, predictable restoration, especially when:

  • Retention is needed; the fits are great.
  • Dark dentin needing to be blocked out.
  • The biocompatibility of a highly polished knife edge collar can’t be beat, especially on deep subgingival margins.

So, yes, the PFM is alive and well and continues to be prescribed. The same goes with Full Gold Crowns.

Do I Need to Send a Bite?2017-06-05T17:51:13-04:00

Having a bite is a great way for us to verify the articulation, even with triple tray impressions.  It also helps us detect distortion. Please send bites, taken over the preps, with all cases.

What’s the best way to send photographs?2017-03-30T16:28:13-04:00

Send photos in .jpg format to .

Does your lab outsource to other countries?2017-03-10T15:29:54-05:00

No. Everything is made right here in the USA. We use only high-quality materials from trusted manufacturers.

How do cases ship and are fees involved?2017-03-10T15:37:52-05:00

USPS shipping labels and lab prescriptions can be downloaded from the website here or requested by phone along with boxes and speci-bags.

UPS Return Service labels for Ground delivery to the lab are available upon request. UPS Return Service packages can be put in any UPS drop box, dropped off at any UPS store, or given to a UPS driver. You may incur a charge if you call UPS for a pickup.

All shipping supplies are provided free of charge for your convenience.

Out of town cases are shipped UPS Ground and the cost is covered by Champlain Dental Lab. For special shipping requests, there may be a charge, such as UPS Overnight shipping or Green Mountain Messenger, if available to your area.

Local cases are picked up and delivered to your office free of charge. Please call the Lab to request a pickup. Requests for pickups made before noon will be picked up the same day. Afternoon pickup requests will be made the next business day.

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