On Friday, December 8th, we attended an implant course presented by the Vermont State Dental Society. The speaker, Dr. Alexander Bendayan, from Boston University, spoke about digital workflow and the importance of case planning for implant success.

One of the points Dr. Bendayan mentioned was the need for getting a fresh screw for implant cases; not just using the screw the lab used in fabricating the crown.

This is certainly the case for  3i implants with a gold nitrate screw. For these cases, we use a lab screw for fabricating the implant and send the gold screw for the insert. We spoke with both Straumann and Noble Biocare, and they assured us that their screws are robust and can easily go from lab to chairside with no worries.

We are happy to order a fresh screw for you if you prefer, but it isn’t required. The cost is $30-$60, depending on the vendor. We would love to know your thoughts on this issue.